Building a gaming community from a hostel in Mexico | Ben - Slothyy

We talk about how the experiences in games can teach you valuable life lessons


After the recording of this episode, it became apparent that my interviewee Ben is a fraud, that has scammed several people. I've decided to keep the episode up because it allows me to bring this warning, but also because I actually think we had a good conversation, and there's is good advice in the things he says.


Building a gaming community from a hostel in Mexico | Ben




Leverage all you possible can.

Your brand is your most important thing besides your product.

Find that little niche and run it, make it yours. Don't copy what everybody else is doing.

Either get a website going or get an e-mail list going and just engage with people. Send them a weekly update. Send out a little digest. For your personal brand you could do a weekly recap of your favorite moment or your most valuable lesson of the week for others that are trying to follow in your footsteps. Whatever it maybe. Do something that sets you apart from others.


Ben talks about how his passion for gaming started with playing NES with his father and also going to Magic the Gathering tournaments in addition to doing his own tournaments with friends and family.

Later he got lost in World of Warcraft. We talk about how the experiences in games and in MMO's in particular, whether in Player versus Player or in the cooperative setting of raids, can teach you valuable life lessons in getting humbled and being humble.

Later he started building and repairing computers and that led to starting his own company. That it turn led to making websites, and optimising those to get more traffic.

Fair warning: we talk quite a bit about cryptocurrencies and especially Steem and the Steemit platform, as that is where Ben is focused at the moment.




World of Warcraft

Magic the Gathering


Alterac Valley in World of Warcraft

Penny Arcade: First impression of Battlegrounds

Infected Mushroom





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Published 12 months ago