Share your passions | Freelance writer Daryl Baxter


Share your passions | Freelance writer Daryl Baxter


Daryl Baxter freelance writer and podcaster

Twitter: @darylbaxter
Podcast: PAL Keys


I talked to Daryl about writing and freelancing, how does he use feedback and Google Analytics, what’s special about a retrospective and what does his process look like when he’s writing, plus how to send a direct message to an editor to ask for a gig.


Daryl was studying computer networks and got an email from a magazine looking for people to contribute.
He contacted them and spend a week writing a piece on Tomb Raider 2.

Saw his name in the Platformer Magazine on his Tomb Raider 2 retrospective.
From then on he knew he had to write.

So he has been squeezing in some way to write at his different non-writing jobs. For instance, he wrote phone guides at his tech support job.

But also he kept a blog in his spare time.
With SEO and Google Analytics, he kept track of which times of the year people were most interested in retrospectives and other subjects.

Daryl has been very focused on getting feedback on his work. So he’s asked for feedback on both paid articles, but also by reaching out to other writers to get feedback on blog posts for instance.


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