You gotta jump in | Jason Howard, Graphic Designer for Twitch and Mixer


You gotta jump in | Jason Howard, Graphic Designer for Twitch and Mixer


Jason Howard, Graphic Designer for Twitch and Mixer

Twitter: @jhoward404




Ask questions if the client doesn’t know what they want.

Watermark the files you show on social media or to the client before final delivery.

Make showcases in low resolution.

Accept rejection.

Make sure your designs are not copying other designs by accident.

Don’t be afraid of it.

Seek out clients by finding streamers that have no graphics.

Put a screenshot of a relevant game in your photoshop file to design an overlay around.

Research how to make your YouTube thumbnails stand out.


Jason started his started his fascination with games with Atari and the original NES. He has memories of coming home from school and begging: Let me play Super Mario Bros on the one TV in the house.
Later went on to Super Nintendo and has owned all the common consoles ever since.

Jason is also a big fan of music and he got his start as a graphics artist by doing logos for local musicians.
That evolved into doing album covers and MySpace graphics.
With the rise of Twitch and YouTube, his friends in gaming also started asking for logos.

In the beginning, he worked for free, but eventually, he started charging money for his work.

We discuss the pros and cons of working for free when you first start out with doing graphics for Twitch.
Jason doesn’t charge by the hour, even though a lot of artists do with good reason.

Jason streams while he works as a way to iterate on a project with a client, and at the same time showing off his talents to other potential clients and even other artists with questions.


Professor Broman

Captain Twaz

King Gothalion

Yung Khan

Rotting Jackal


Guardian Con



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