Be the best version of you | Freelance concept artist Jason Pickthall


Be the best version of you | Freelance concept artist Jason Pickthall


Jason Pickthall freelance concept artist.

Twitter: @jpickthall


Jason tells the story of how he got his first job almost by chance, and how he pivoted from in-game assets to concept art.
We talk about the importance of finding your own voice as an artist and also believing in yourself and your worth.


Started as a product designer.

Took university courses in industrial design.

By chance, he got into 3D Max.

Got told by the head of his school that he would never be good at making art.

Did retail jobs after school.

Got a job at a video company with a combination of luck, preparation, and an attitude to capitalize on that luck.

With his skill in using 3D Max and Photoshop, he got a job as a level designer.

Got a job in Australia, but the company got shut down shortly after arriving.

Started spending his free time studying concept art.

Pivoted from in-game graphics to concept art.

Working at a studio can often mean working on a lot of the same stuff.


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