Programming is easy, designing is hard | Jens Andersson designer on Yoku’s Island Express

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Programming is easy, designing is hard | Jens Andersson, designer on Yoku’s Island Express


Jens Andersson designer and programmer at [Villa Gorilla]( )

Twitter: @llerd


Jens started programming BASIC on his fathers computer and later joined the local swedish demo scene.

Helped Magnus Högdahl start Starbreeze Studios and became Programmer #2 there.

At one point, things were going so badly, that they had to ask for unemployment benefits, but they kept working on games in their free time.

Jens left StarBreeze because he wanted something different than big AAA game development.
He still accepted a job at LucasArts though. But that job turned out to be something quite different to what he signed up for.

Now he’s back in Sweden and has spend the last five years with his own tiny games studio, working on the very indie Yoku’s Island Express, a sort of pinball metroidvania.



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