You have to be a leader | Jess Bolden coach and analyst


You have to be a leader | Jess Bolden coach and analyst


Jess Bolden – Coach and analyst for PENTA Rainbow Six Siege

Twitter: @jessica_r6s


Instagram: @jessbolden


Educated as a criminoligy specialist

Got into playing games on PlayStation 2 through her dad.

While at school she bought Rainbow 6 Siege for her rent money.

Switched from console to PC and started her own team.

Kept studying during the day and got a bachelor in criminology and justice.

Moved to Europe and got the job as analyst for PENTA.

Writing a book “The Three P’s of Esports”.


Being alone with your expertise in esports.

In esports there isn’t really full support staff available to teams.
The professionals at the non-playing roles are only just now being developed.

The stress of travel, pressure to deliver, getting ready to perfom at a moments notice.

Why is Rainbow Six Siege is attractive for women.

How a background in the military and experience from the australian online community has given Jess a thick skin.

With a platform comes responsibility, if not you are enabling it.

Why Jess feels that she has to stick to FPS games and avoid the more casual gaming.


Jak and Daxter


Call of Duty

Rainbow 6 Siege



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