How combining math with a love for drawing lead to work on Hitman | Rasmus from IO Interactive


Rasmus Rolfshøj
Technical Character Artist at IO Interactive


Rasmus talks about how his childhood creativity led him to become a technical character artist, and how a detour in math actually helped with switching from 2D drawing to 3D animation.

We discuss working on someone else’s creative vision and when your hobby becomes your job, and using hobbies like retro arcade machines to avoid spending creative juices while at the same time doing something that involves video games.

Rasmus’ first gaming machine was an Amiga 500 and from there we talk about Virtual Reality, relaxing with friends while playing Left4Dead, the awesomeness of the original Hitman game, the awesomeness of playing co-op in FarCry and sandbox games in general.



Moon Stone

The Great Giana Sisters

James Pond

Super Frog


Alien vs Predator



Command & Conquer

Dota 2

The Order 1886

Programs for 3D Animation:



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