If we always do the safe, we will never evolve | Regina Content Lead on MovieStarPlanet

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If we always do the safe, we will never evolve | Regina Content Lead on MovieStarPlanet


Regina Dubiel

Content Lead at MovieStarPlanet


Educated in design for movies – Royal Danish
Academy of Fine Arts

Earning pocket money by doing paint brush for his father

To advance in your job, look at areas in the product that are overlooked and take ownership of those. Point out how things could be better, and work on it.

Present your ideas, but also respect the no.

As a lead how can you make sure that the team feels that they can present their ideas to you, while at the same time turning down most of those ideas.
When you turn down ideas, explain why it doesn’t work.
Make sure to show enthusiasm for the ideas that you do pick.

When you’re the lead, it’s important to let people fail and make mistakes. If we always do the same, and do the same. We will never evolve and be better.

You have to make room for creative content that maybe won’t sell as well.

Think about the user, always.
Look at feedback on social media, YouTube etc.

If you want a job, start doing it even though you don’t have it yet. So if you want to work in games and can’t get a job, start making games. Go to game jams.
Don’t let other people stop you.

Consider taking a shitty job if it’s in a field that you have strong desire to work in.
Being in the right environment can lead to a better job.
And don’t hold yourself back. Don’t tell yourself: “I can’t do that because I’m not hired to do it”.

Don’t wait for the perfect job to show up.


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