You’ll never be completely ready | Gamification Expert Rob Alvarez


You’ll never be completely ready | Gamification Expert Rob Alvarez


Rob Alzarez Expert on Gamification
Twitter: @robalvarezb
Instagram: @robalvarezb


Rob is an expert on gamification and works at IE Business School in Madrid.
He is involved with the various projects that they make around gamification and also teaches at the school.
We talk about what gamification is exactly, how and why you’d use it in both education and business.
And we also get into the ethical aspects of gamification.


Got a Nintendo Entertainment System as a child and wanted to write for The Nintendo Magazine.

Went to university and studied computer engineering.
Loved coding, but didn’t want to spend his life programming.

Got a masters degree in business.
Moved to Madrid to work at IE Business School.

The process of working with a client to create a project that uses gamification to help convey a message to the user.

His role also involves going to other universities to talk about the materials that they make at IE Business School.

The area of gamification is relatively new but at the same time there are quite a few people working on it, and Rob has talked to a lot of them and his heroes on his podcast.

Between the podcast and his career, Rob is asked to travel all over the world to speak at conferences.

We talk about the power of sharing your thoughts and struggles with someone close to you.

Rob uses an example of a hammer as a tool that has very practical uses, while at the same time it’s possible to use it in harmful ways.
He sees gamification in the same light when we talk about the risks of somebody abusing the addictive nature of games.


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