If you want to design video games – play board games | Thomas Løfgren from lovegreen.dk


Thomas Løfgren – Games, design, consulting www.lovegreen.dk/

Twitter: @loeffe


Thomas is celebrating 20 years in game design, and is now a freelance designer in what he calls “full stack design”.

Thomas’ interest in video games actually runs parallel with his passion for board games, a passion that started with pen and paper roleplaying games.

Hear the story of how Thomas started as an intern and worked his way to a senior position – twice.

Hear how IO grew along with the rest of the gaming industry, and basically had to figure out how to make games at a bigger and bigger scale. Along the way, they helped define what a Game Designer is.

Thomas has an interesting view on unrealistic deadlines and how they can actually be useful, because “creativity finds a way”.


Desktop Tower Defense

Hundeparken / The Dog Park

Second Life

Hitman: Blood Money

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Universal Paperclips

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Golf Story


Daniel Cook

Frank Lantz



Indie Game: The Movie

Video of “Mujaffa-spillet” – the Flash file can also be found online, but for potential security issues, I’ll leave that up to your discretion

Game Developers Conference

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