Make art, not just games | Lead organizer of Nordic Game Jam Victor Breum


Make art, not just games | Lead organizer of Nordic Game Jam Victor Breum


Victor Breum – Lead organizer of Nordic Game Jam

Twitter: @zepcap
Nordic Game Jam:


I talk to Victor about why his goal is to make art, and why he chose to enter a film school in order to make games.
We also talk about the role of the game jam in the broader gaming industry and all the work that goes into running Nordic Game Jam.


A degree from the film school does not guarantee you a job, so in Victor’s words, you should choose a school like that because it has a big focus on games as art, and you the director as an artist.

Nordic Game Jam is a good place to meet other game developers.
The advantage of a physical game jam, you get to actually work with other game makers. Which is also a different way to meet people compared to going to conferences.

Victor is studying directing, but it’s difficult to just apply for the position as director in a game studio.
So you have to either work your way up in a company or start your own studio.

The value gained from having diverse speakers in subjects, backgrounds, experience and so forth.

A game jam is a good place to try ideas and the short time frame actually fosters creativity.

For someone working at a big AAA game for years at a time, the short time frame of a game jam can be a breath of fresh air.


Pokémon TCG

Neverwinter Nights

Grand Theft Auto



What Remains of Edith Finch

God of War

Monument Valley




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